Sparrows in Spring


Under His Wings
Book 1

April 8, 2015

USAF Pararescue Jumper Riley Andrews is used to fighting difficult missions. This time his mission isn’t on the battlefield, it’s on the home front. His sister Sasha is struggling to recover from her own personal trauma, and Riley makes it his responsibility make sure she heals.

Riley’s and Sasha’s childhoods weren’t easy, but they could always count on Marin, Sasha’s best friend. Riley hopes Marin can help Sasha once again. Riley always admired Marin’s faith, and he knew he wasn’t good enough for her. Yet, lately he suspects she wants more than just a friendship.

Marin is eager to help Sasha, but she’s always felt overlooked by Riley. She has always loved him, but he seems to notice every woman except her. Now she is in the middle of her own battle. Years of constant criticism from her father led her to finding comfort in food. When Riley returns home he can’t help but notice a drastic change in her appearance and her faith.

Tired of being overlooked by men, Marin has reinvented herself, and Riley can’t help but wonder if it was his rejection of her that led to these drastic and unhealthy changes. Can he remind her that her beauty always came from within her and her faith in God? Can true love come from this now strained friendship?

Riley is used to saving lives on the battlefield, but can he save the two people he loves most?

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