Review of The Big Picture Interactive Bible (B&H Publishing)

Bible Interactive

When The Big Picture Interactive Bible arrived in the mail, my children’s eyes lit up. I was pleasantly surprised myself at the vivid graphics appeal and quality. While the Bible is large compared to a lot of children’s Bibles, it doesn’t feel heavy for its size.

Also, the cover looks and feels to have a protective coating that seems waterproof or at least water repellant.

I found the most appealing aspect of the Bible to be the interactive aspect. The Bible contains a QR code square that can be scanned into any electronic device so the Bible goes “live” and the stories literally come to life through the easily downloadable app.

In this digital age when my kids are reading more ebooks than paperbacks, this interactive digital aspect makes them more apt to read the Bible more. Kudos to B&H for bringing God’s word into the digital age and for making it appealing to children who are sometimes more technologically adept than their parents.

The interactive feature is super easy to use even for tech-challenged people.

–100 of the Top Verses to Memorize. The Word of God is one of the most important legacies we can leave our children. I love the Verses to Remember section for this reason. The verses aren’t long passages, so easy for little eyes.
–Appealing/vivid Bible story illustrations (each photo really is worth a 1000 words)
–The Big Questions/Big Answers feature. This aspect would be good for tabletime/mealtime discussions as they’re short and easy for time-crunched families.
–Full color map section in the back. Very appealing and easy to read.
–The Christ Connections feature. This is basically like a built in devotional in each section. The kids can read it themselves and understand with no problem (my daughter is 9) or a parent or older sibling could bond over a devotion using these short snippets. Not as short as the Big Questions/Big Answer feature, but short enough to read on the run if need be. It gives kids something to think about, namely planting seeds for them to grow in their relationship with Jesus.
–Icons connecting to the Gospel Progect for Kids curriculum. (HOMESCHOOLING MOMS WOULD LOVE THIS!!!)
–Kid friendly introductions to each book in the Bible
–Parent Connection section (this is perfect for parent/child discussion)
–Seeing the Big Picture feature
–The Big Words feature. I LOVED THIS. It contains small graphics and photos, plus kid-friendly explanations for things such as leprosy and vessels. Images from Christ’s homeland culture are also included, which I love.

*NOTE* None of these “cons” would have prevented my purchasing this Bible.

–Wish the Bible was a bit smaller for travel or that it had a travel version. Downloading this Bible’s features into a smart phone or other handheld device would cure this and that option is available with the interactive app, included with the Bible.

–The peach colored headers for each chapter were a little hard for me to read. I needed good light to see it well without eyestrain. However, the chapter numbers are fine.

–I have a slight concern about the durability of the cover. I would have preferred leather, but as a home Bible, this cover should hold up okay.

Despite all that, I HIGHLY recommend this Bible and believe it will aid me in my efforts to help my children grow spiritually and come to know Jesus more. Plus have a love for God’s word. The appealing graphics and app aspect will champion that in my opinion.

It has far more awesome features than meh ones. The important thing is that our kids learn the truth and this Bible will nurture their relationship with God and help Bible study time be more interesting.

I highly recommend this Bible, especially for kids who enjoy apps and parents who are struggling to get their children to read paper in the digital age.

Cheryl Wyatt

*FTC Disclosure: I received a free copy of this Bible in exchange for a fair and honest review.