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USAF Pararescue - That Others May Live

USAF Pararescue

It’s a way of life – like no other. Born out of the mountainous jungles of Burma during WWII, pararescuemen save lives, regardless of personal sacrifice. They put the needs of those in danger higher than their own. PARARESCUEMEN are a close-knit team. We’re professionals – dedicated to the mission and proud of our heritage.

USAF Special Tactics

USAF Special Tactics

In our job, just getting to work is extreme. We freefall out of an aircraft and use our ram-air parachute to land at a precise location – on land or at sea. We operate on airfields with motorcycles, travel cross-country on skis, or climb mountains – these are just a few of the ways we get to work. When we get to the job, we can save lives or take them, whatever the mission requires.

We’re Air Force Special Tactics, and our motto is “First There…That Others May Live.” Our team members perform one of four important jobs: Combat Control, Pararescue, Special Operations Weather or Tactical Air Control Party.

USAF Combat Rescue Officer


Some of the most courageous Airmen in the Air Force are those dedicated to the rescue and recovery of injured servicemen from the front lines. Alone and immobile, the injured are often extremely vulnerable and thus need a swift, effective rescue evacuation. Combat Rescue Officers organize and strategize recovery missions, train and equip rescue personnel and manage and develop survival skills programs. They also deploy into direct combat as a team member, team leader or mission commander or provide expert insights to plan and control special reconnaissance, terminal control and recovery operations.

Rescue Athlete

USAF Pararescue Rescue Athletes

Do you have what it takes? Incorporating the extensive and truly unique expertise of USAF parajumpers as both practitioners and teacher/trainers, we created Rescue Athlete with the goal of sharing what we’ve learned to help others accomplish their own missions, whatever they may be. Based on our own battle-tested methods, we’ve designed a groundbreaking training system and philosophy that is customized to you, challenging your strengths and improving your weaknesses, and allowing you to obtain and operate at an elite level when it counts the most, regardless of your career, sport, or activity.

Michael Yon – Elite Military Photojournalist

Michael Yon is a former Green Beret, native of Winter Haven, Fl. who has been writing from Iraq and Afghanistan since December 2004. No other writer has spent as much time with combat troops in these two wars. Michael’s dispatches from the frontlines have earned him the reputation as the premier independent combat journalist of his generation. His work has been featured on “Good Morning America,” The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, ABC, FOX, as well as hundreds of other major media outlets all around the world.

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